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FantaSEA Aquariums is a professional aquarium maintenance and service company unlike any other. More than just an aquarium cleaning service, FantaSEA Aquariums offers a full line of professional aquarium services in the Maryland area.





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We have programs in aquaculture for Corals, Clownfish, Angelfish, Puffers, Cuttlefish and several other fish/corals.

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FantaSEA Aquarium has the most knowledgeable staff this industry has to offer. We travel across the country investigating the industries latest technologies and advancements in aquarium husbandry.

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We offer a full line of professional aquarium services. FantaSEA Aquariums is the top aquarium design & service company in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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Walter L


I have been an avid saltwater aquarist for more than 20 years and have moonlighted in aquarium maintenance and design myself.  So, with the exception of the odd vacation, I have little use for a maintenance service in my home or business myself.  Background established, I have had excellent rapport with Fantasea Aquariums.  The products I have purchased have been top-notch, properly suited to my application and well priced.  I have also had remarkable service on a device that fell and was ruined by saltwater (my fault.)
If you have a desire for a beautiful and functional aquarium, with excellent service, I highly recommend calling these guys first!

Walter L.

Mario A.


Absolutely adore the FantaSEA aquarium team and have nothing but positive things to share about their design capabilities & service plans. Our family has known the owner for quite some time and watched him grow his business from his first home tank to building and maintaining 300 gallon saltwater tanks for businesses that depend on them to “wow” their patrons. If you’re in the Maryland, Virginia, or Delaware area looking for a fish tank cleaning or aquarium servicing company these are 100% the people we recommend to friends and family.

Thank you Dalton and the team at FantaSEA for keeping our aquariums clean and even suggesting better combinations of fish for more of a “wow” factor! Keep it up guys.

Oh, the best part – they’re always on time and have super reasonable rates even if it’s just keeping our small home tank clean on a monthly basis.

Mario A.

Barry K.

Had a great consultation, very knowledgable and really helped me get my hair algea under control. I got some amazing cheato thats finally thriving in my tank after trying so many diffrent strands. Highly recommended for all your fishtank needs. I will definitely be using this company for future projects.

Barry K.

Walter L.Mario A.Barry K.
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