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Specialists In Aquarium Maintenance, Design, And Installation

FantaSEA Aquariums is a professional aquarium maintenance and service company unlike any other. More than just an aquarium cleaning service, FantaSEA Aquariums offers a full line of professional aquarium services. What sets us apart from competitors is our extensive experience and unwavering dedication to our craft.

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True Aquarium Service Professionals

FantaSEA Aquariums' team is comprised of industry experts and dedicated professionals who build wondrous aquatic habitats for display in homes and businesses.

Dalton Leonard

Owner, Founder
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We perform a wide range of aquarium services in the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and D.C. metro area. If you're interested in an aquarium or need one serviced we can help!

Aquarium Maintenance 100+ Satisfied Clients
Aquarium Cleaning 100+ Satisfied Clients
Design and Installation 100+ Satisfied Clients
Aquarium Supply 100+ Satisfied Clients
Ponds & Outdoor 100+ Satisfied Clients
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